Firm Overview

The Law Office of Michael P. Ericson operates primarily as a litigation practice, representing clients both in and out of court in various areas of civil litigation and criminal/traffic defense.  During the past twelve years, Mr. Ericson has represented a wide variety of clients in legal matters involving everything from their financial condition, to their family affairs, and even their long term freedom.  As a professional in a service profession, Mr. Ericson's clients have come from all walks of life, ranging from highly educated professionals to the indigent and everything in between.

Mr. Ericson's civil litigation practice primarily involves representing clients seeking damages due to others' negligence or intentional conduct.  The types of cases in this practice area are too numerous to list here, although automobile collision cases are typically considered the most common.  Mr. Ericson has secured many settlements on behalf of his clients which have allowed them to be made whole and move on with their lives.  In a more limited capacity, he has also defended civil actions on behalf of individuals who were wrongly brought into litigation by the opposing party.  Mr. Ericson has also represented both men and women in family law cases, ranging from divorces involving no children and limited financial assets, to divorces with custody battles and disputes over considerable financial assets.

In Mr. Ericson's criminal/traffic defense practice, he has been called upon to represent clients in everything from minor traffic offenses to high level felonies.  Being arrested and charged with committing a crime--any crime--can be a terrifying experience, with significant repercussions apart from however the case plays out in court.  Mr. Ericson also works with individuals who are under investigation but not yet charged with any crime.  By practicing in the private sector, he is able to choose the cases and clients with whom he wishes to work.  Mr. Ericson's motion practice has resulted in the dismissal of all charges in cases involving illegal traffic stops and the government failing to meet its burden of proof.  In a case of first impression before the courts, he also created a new avenue for dismissing charges when the government improperly charges a defendant, saving his client from a mandatory jail sentence if there had been a conviction.  When a dismissal of all charges is not possible, Mr. Ericson has a track record of achieving highly favorable plea agreements and wins at argued sentencing hearings, including numerous times when the government sought a prison sentence or other serious ramifications for his clients' lives.