Mr. Ericson provides a no cost initial consultation in person or by phone to determine whether an attorney-client relationship is a good fit for both parties.

For civil cases in which Mr. Ericson represents a plaintiff seeking damages, he uses a contingency fee arrangement, meaning he only gets paid if he is able to obtain a recovery.  For other civil cases, he typically uses an hourly fee arrangement, although he is usually able to estimate approximately how much a given case will cost in total.

For criminal cases, Mr. Ericson typically uses a flat fee arrangement, in which his client pays one set fee covering all services from beginning of the case to the end in the circuit court.  The only exception is if the client wishes to pursue additional services such as a suppression hearing or trial, in which case an additional flat fee is required; Mr. Ericson only recommends these services to clients when they are warranted, so there is never a concern that he is pushing additional work in order to run up his fees.  Flat fees have become very common in criminal cases and give the client peace of mind knowing exactly how much the case will cost.

Mr. Ericson understands that paying for high quality legal representation may be difficult for some people, and he has always been willing to discuss reasonable payment plans.  However, for hourly and flat fee cases, a retainer is always required.

For more information regarding fees, including rates, please contact us.